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How It Works

Assign is the fastest way to get your own dedicated virtual assistant.

Whether you need part-time or full-time assistance.

Discovery Call

Signing up is straightforward

Whether you do it independently or, if you’re hiring multiple assistants, we can schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs.


Once you have your assistants

It’s time to get started! Our service dashboard simplifies managing your workers and tracking their progress. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated account manager available to address any questions along the way.


Next, our Matching team steps in to find the ideal team for you.

With a pool of over 1,600 assistants skilled in customer service, sales outsourcing, lead generation, virtual assistance, and more, we ensure a perfect fit. Additionally, we create tailored hiring funnels for clients requiring a larger number of assistants.

What Can an Assign
Agent Do?

With their skills, dedication, and can-do attitude, there's no challenge too big or small.

Whether it’s managing projects, handling customer inquiries, or optimizing workflows, they’re your go-to experts for getting things done.

Involves organizing and scheduling events, appointments, and tasks.

Overall, efficient call reception contributes to positive customer experiences.

Responding to emails efficiently and professionally is essential for maintaining effective communication.

By effectively handling CRM tools, businesses can streamline customer management processes.

Entails conducting foundational investigations to gather information, data, and insights on a specific topic.

Effective travel arrangement management requires attention to detail, excellent communication skills.

By effectively managing the procurement of productions and supplies, organizations can ensure.

By effectively tracking expenses and invoices, businesses can maintain financial transparency.

How We Compare

Full Time, Part-time, or Project Based. We Have You Covered.

We go beyond what platforms like Upwork and Fiverr offer by providing a fully managed service that matches you with pre-vetted, top-tier virtual assistants. Unlike these marketplaces, where you must navigate and manage freelancers independently, Assign handles the entire process—from selection to onboarding—ensuring consistent, high-quality support tailored to your needs.


Level of Talents
Top 1%
Type of Talents
Only Full Time
Local Compliance Legal Representation
Math, Writing and Speaking Competency Test
Paid Above Market
Paid Time Off
Optional Health Insurance
Optional Internet Subsidy

More than 350 Integrations

With the rise of digital technologies and the proliferation of communication and automation tools

Integration between platforms has become essential for companies of all sizes. Among the most popular tools in this scenario are Slack and Mailchimp, each playing crucial roles in different aspects of business operations.

Based in New York City

US Based means no time zone delays

Ensures local expertise, swift communication, and a deep understanding of the dynamic business landscape, tailored to meet your needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing

And why you should too.

Save Time And Work On What Matters

Efficient outsourcing means less time spent on non-core tasks, giving you the freedom to invest your time where it matters most: Growing the business.

Increase Performance

Experience a boost in performance like never before as our expertly managed outsourcing solutions enhance productivity, effectiveness, and overall performance across your operations.

Top Tier
Elite Talent

At Assign, we pride ourselves on hiring only elite talent, ensuring you receive top-tier assistance for your business needs. Despite the high caliber of our professionals, you pay only a fraction of the cost compared to traditional in-house staff, making exceptional support both accessible and affordable.

Reduce Cost

Our outsourcing solutions are engineered to slash unnecessary expenditures, providing you with scalable, budget-friendly options without compromising on quality or reliability.

Assign Virtual Assistant Pricing

Part Time Virtual Assistant

$ 750 Monthly
  • 80 Hours Per Month
  • Dedicated Assistant
  • Local Time Zone

Full Time Virtual Assistant

$ 1400 Monthly
  • 160 Hours Per Month
  • Dedicated Assistant
  • Local Time Zone
  • Customer Sucess Manager

Project Based
Starting From:

$ 12.50 Hour + Project Management Fee
  • Dedicated Team

Are You Ready To Scale?

We empower businesses to scale efficiently.

Our tailored outsourcing solutions provide the support and flexibility needed for growth, With our comprehensive suite of services, we seamlessly integrate into your operations, offering unparalleled support across various functions.


Frequently Asked

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We hire from both the Philippines and Latin America depending on client needs.

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